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Jan, 2018

How To Upload Registration Images

The host of the site (DSGHQ) limits the size of photos uploaded. Birth certificates uploads do not appear to be limited. So this only applies to the 3 proofs of residency. You simply need to reduce the size of the images being uploaded. It is easier to do this before you go to upload them but you can do it either way. First, where ever you images are located whether phone or computer visit this website. You do NOT need to download anything. This is simply a website. 

Step 1: Click Browse and select photo from your photo library or computer folder. You do NOT need to change anything on step 2 on the screen.

Step 2: Scroll Down to the Bottom. You do not need to change anything here. 

Step 3: Download your photo by clicking the button. This will save to your photo library on your phone or generally to your downloads folder on your PC. 

And now just complete registration by registering for an account, entering your information, entering a participants info, uploading the new smaller images, selecting your child's program, answer the questions, select a payment option and you're all set! 

If you have any trouble please contact me: [email protected] Call or Text: 443-783-9175
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