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PLL Covid 19 Guidelines

Due to COVID-19, the Pocomoke Little League has had to implement changes to ensure the safety of our players, coaches, staff and families. The following safety guidelines are being implemented:



1)      If the participant or someone is the household is sick or not feeling well, stay home.

2)      Participants will be required to complete a health screening each day of practice or games.

3)      Players should not arrive until the time instructed to by their coach.

4)      After the completion of practice or game, players and families must leave the park within 15 minutes unless instructed by Pocomoke Little League coaches or staff.

5)      COVID-19 waivers will be required to be signed by all players/ guardians.

Face Coverings:

1)      All spectators must wear their face covering while on premise if they are not socially distant.

2)      All players must wear their face coverings while off the field including the dugout.

3)      Players have the option to not wear their face coverings while on the field of play during each inning.

4)      Face coverings must be worn when walking around the premises including the bathrooms, concession stand and the rest of the facility.


1)      Players should use their own equipment when possible. If a player does not have their own equipment, they will use the equipment provided by Pocomoke Little League coaches and staff.

2)      All Pocomoke Little League equipment will be disinfected after each practice and or game. Players are responsible for disinfecting their personal equipment.

3)      Pocomoke Little League staff and coaches will be trained on proper sanitizing procedures.


1)      Parents/Guardians are encouraged to drop off players for practice. It is encouraged that the parent/guardian practice social distancing or remain in their car for the duration of practice or game.

2)      If possible, it is requested that minors who are not participating not attend events on premises.


1)      Each player is required to check-in and complete the health screening prior to each practice and game.

2)      Players are asked to practice social distancing at all times while on the premise.

3)      Players will follow all rules and guidelines established by Pocomoke Little League coaches and staff.

4)      Each player will have a parent/guardian sign the COVID-19 waiver including the rules, regulations and procedures set forth for the 2021 Little League Season.



1)      All staff and coaches will complete the health screening before the start of each practice and game.

2)      Coaches and staff will be responsible for ensuring all rules, regulations and procedures are followed.

3)      Coaches and staff will be responsible for ensuring that the facility and equipment is properly disinfected and sanitized after each use.

4)      Coaches and staff will be responsible for maintaining the physical distancing of all players.


1)      The staff of Pocomoke Little League consist of the Board of Directors and their designees.

2)      Pocomoke Little League Staff will ensure all rules, regulations and procedures are followed by everyone on premises.

3)      Staff will ensure that the facility is properly cleaned and sanitized after each day.

Infection Control Strategies:

1)      Maintain social distancing signage will be posted.

2)      Hand Sanitizer will be available throughout the premises

Response and Management of COVID-19:

1)      Health Screening paperwork will be dated and detailed including accurate information.

2)      If a player, coach, or staff member does not pass the health screenings, they will leave the facility immediately.

3)      If an exposure is reported to Little League staff, the proper procedures will be followed as set by the Worcester County Health Department.

4)      If anyone has reported a positive result, they will not be able to return until cleared by a health professional.

5)      All COVID-19 related issues will be handled with the guidance of the Worcester County Health Department and Little League International.

6)      Questions or concerns should be directed to the League Safety Officer, Tyler Fairman, 443-523-5830. 


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